I'd like to hear 1st hand feedback on this. Of course, 2nd or 3rd hand responses from seasoned CRNA's and RN are welcome as well.

1) How competitive is it to be selected for the VA CRNA Program as a VA employee?

2) How has your experience been working as an RN with the VA, and is it or has it been worth the chance of being selected for the VA CRNA Program?

3) How competitive is the selection process for the active duty USAGPAN option, or is it non-competitive?

I'm asking because I have been treated poorly as a new RN working for the VA and, generally, have not had a positive experience. The only benefit I've found, outside of satisfaction from being a Veteran helping to improve other Veteran's lives, is the possibility of being selected for the VA CRNA Program at some point in the future.

Thankfully, I have found employment outside of the VA, in a unit I enjoy, with people I enjoy working with. It's the glimmer of hope I have that I may make it into the VA CRNA Program that keeps me from turning in my 2 week notice. In fact, I work tonight, and based on the feed back I receive from this forum, I may turn in my 2-week notice at the end of this shift.