So I need some advice in regards to switching units. I currently work in a twenty-eight bed MICU at a large teaching hospital. I have worked here for two years and feel as if I have hit a brick wall. There are times in which I don't feel challenged (despite me seeking the sickest or most challenging assignment). We rarely deal with swans or A lines for that matter (medical MDs are scared of fun things). I believe I have a wonderful foundation in critical care nursing by starting here but my ultimate goal is obviously to become a CRNA (more like dream/obsession). I am not quite ready to apply yet as I have a few loose ends to tie up (GRE and continuing to save). I want to move units to get my hands on PA caths and IABPs. I honestly would not feel comfortable walking into CRNA school the first day without having this experience. My plan is to move to a thoracic cardiovascular post-op ICU in the next few months. I believe this move will provide a refreshing challenge (or ass kicking) that I need before applying.

My first question is should I be scared that I feel this way about my current unit (with only 2yrs experience?) Second, if I were to seek surgical experience is this the best route to take (versus a SICU?). Thanks for the input! Sorry for the short-hand but I am typing this from my phone.