I will have four different degree from four different Missouri schools at the end of December...

Associate of Science
Associate of Science in Nursing
Bachelors of Health Sciences
Bachelors of Nursing(Dec 14')

Current total calculated by the current university I am in for the BSN is...

223 Hrs
2.891 GPA

BSN 4.0

I have 19 more hours to finish the BSN with expected GPA of 4.0, plus a few extra chemistry classes that I will be taking, which will push me above 250hrs and a 3.0.

My question is, is it totally dependent on the school, as to how they calculate GPA? Will they calculate my cumulative total? Or just nursing class and BSN?

I know most places highly weigh the science course grades, and some only calculate the last 60hrs, or a combination of both.

This makes it a real chore when deciding which schools to apply to, whether they look at the last 60 that is, or total...