A girl I know who is currently around 6 months pregnant had an EGD last week at the neighboring larger hospital. That facility has the ACT care team model.

She was given 2cc fentanyl and cetacaine only. She said it was horrible. She complained about it to her OB who was "mortified" and said he would "have a word with anesthesia and tell them that a single dose of benzodiazepine is fine in pregnancy."

Benzodiazepines generally fall into a pregnancy risk classification category C to D depending on individual medication. Chronic use during pregnancy has resulted in fetal withdrawal. Use shortly before delivery has resulted in "Floppy baby syndrome." Use especially in the first trimester has resulted in birth defects.

So, would you use a benzo such as Versed during pregnancy in such a case given that it would be a single dose?
Would you have chosen a different anesthetic than what she received as described above?