I've been a nurse since 2011. I worked in the ER for about 2.5 years. I applied for ICU jobs because I knew I wanted to go to CRNA school. During my interview for a perfect ICU job at a level 1 trauma center, they asked if I had any plans of going back to school for CRNA and was I just "using them." I, of course, said no. I didn't want to risk my chances of getting the job. Realistically I would like to apply as soon as possible. I've been working there since Feb 2014. Ideally I would like to start school fall of 2015 right when my boyfriend starts residency. Applications deadlines for fall 2015 are approaching quickly, meaning I would need a letter of recommendation from my manager. I'm quite nervous to do that considering I technically lied when I got hired. But hey, plans can change right? Any words of wisdom or advice for this situation?