Just a quick overview....

25 Yr Old Male
Graduated 2010 with Bach in Health Sciences
Graduate 2013 with ADN
Prospective graduation from BSN in December 14'

Cum GPA of 2.9 with 222 credits.
BSN GPA so far of 4.0, will have roughly 250 credits when done.
Overall will be above 3.0, with the last 60 around a 3.5 GPA and anticipated 4.0 BSN.

GRE April 14' V-154 Q-144 AW-3.5....didn't study at all, need to brush up on my math and I'll be fine, retaking in August.

CCRN scheduled for August as well.
TNCC in October.

I have PALS and ACLS.

Shadowed for 8hrs so far, did two intubations and extubations.

Started in a CCU in August of 13', moved to an ICU in March of 14'. Small community hospital, 12 bed ICU. Lots of sepsis, PEA, mets CA, ARF, pneumonia, CABG & valves, caths, CEA's, etc. Lots of vents and vasoactive drips. Swans are only on the hearts, and usually only for 12hrs then they are pulled and the cortis is left. Nursing is left to do most everything, pulling swans, lines, chest tubes, lots of autonomy that I feel you wouldn't get at a larger hospital with interns, residents, med students etc.

I plan to retake two chems this summer/fall...still looking for a general chem and organic chem online.

I have read countless threads and researched over 20 schools all throughout the midwest and east coast. I have a list of schools I want to apply to however I don't have the list with me, off the top of my head the schools are.....UAB, Webster, Wolford, PITT, Arkansas State, Missouri State, FIU and a few others that I can't remember right now.

Any advice or recommendations?