I have the question like most nurses aspiring to get out of bedside care....is the juice worth the squeeze. My goal is Crna school and yes I've shadowed multiple times I understand the workload/hours etc that come along with the profession. Hard work is not my dilemma. I'm wondering after school loans is the salary compensating enough? I work currently in Southern California most nurses working one job ( which is rare here only to have to work one) make about 87k before taxes which is not much to live on here. I work multiple jobs and have for the past 4 years. I'm wondering if CRNAs actually do make considerably more than this with a 3 or 4 day schedule? Everyone keeps trying to usher me into NP school saying earning potential is more but I'm not fond of the work itself. My ultimate goal is to do something that interests me (CRNA) but let's be honest everyone wants the choice to make them stable financially. I'm fine with an extra 30K a year if it means I only have to work one job not doing manual patient labor for the rest of my life. So many posts talk about how there is a bad job outlook. I don't need to be rich just stable in am exciting job.