When I was looking into CRNA school I was constantly stalking this forum, searching for insights on what life was truly going to be like, if I was ready for it, and how to manage my life (kids, family, health, fitness, ect) while I was in school. So now I am almost finished with my first year of CRNA school and have "survived" what many say is the most difficult part of my program.

I wanted to help others who are either currently in school, will be going to CRNA school, or are thinking about applying. I wanted to create another resource to tackle a huge issue that needs as much illumination as possible.
SRNA Health and Wellness..

Check out the website below which also included my blog and my husband's blog about SRNA school. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions, questions, or to just say hi! I would love to hear from you!

Website: www.srnahealthandwellness.weebly.com

My Blog: www.http://srnahealthandwellness.weebly.com/srna-health-and-wellness-blog.html

My Husband's Blog (about being the spouse of an SRNA): http://srnahealthandwellness.weebly....rner-blog.html

"Like" it on Facebook! www.facebook.com/srnahealthandwellness

A little info on what's on the website:

FITNESS AND NUTRITION: Websites, articles, apps, resources on fitness and nutrition. Advice, workouts, tips, and personal trainer feedback from my husband. Recipes and advice on eating healthy with minimal time and money. How to avoid eating too much (or not eating enough) while under stress, ect.

STRESS RELIEVERS: Resources, websites, apps on books, articles, music, entertainment, games, ect for when we need to just veg out.
ALSO, in this section is an area for UPCOMING EVENTS. These would include Fun Run's (5K, 10K, Half-Marathons, Tough Mudder's, Color Run ect that we can participate in as groups), local events and activities that we can attend with our families, as a class, or with a group of friends, community service events, and upcoming professional meetings and conferences!

SURVIVING SCHOOL: This section includes resources from AANA and ANA on Health and Wellness . It also includes Study Tips, Learning Resources, Time Management, Stress Management, Determining your Learning Style ect.

FAMILY: Section will provide resources everyone (relationships with parents and siblings, significant others, spouses, children, new babies, and ex's) This Surviving School section would be a great for those wondering "if CRNA school is for them" and also provides helpful information for those about to begin school.

BLOGS: My Blog: Will incorporate everything mentioned above, but in the "blog" setting and more from my own experiences as a student (challanges, accomplishments, struggles, ect)

My Husband's Blog: My husband has been nothing but AMAZING in this entire process so far. Some of my classmates have even wanted to "adopt" him as their spouse (even the guys!) because they have seen how positive, supportive, and helpful he is to us all. He would like to write about what he has learned from HIS END and hopefully be a resource for those in relationships with SRNAs (currently and in the future). He has also been acting as a "single dad", so he has lots experience on parenting, taking care of house-hold responsibilities, and living on minimal (no) income.