I am an RN with 4 years experience ranging from cardiac, surgical, medical, neuro and trauma. I've been accepted to Midwestern Univeristy CRNA program in Glendale, AZ and classes begin June 2014 (just under 4 months from now). In the welcome letter, it is recommended that we 'review' biochemistry and A&P. It's been well over 5-6 years, if not more, since I've taken any kind of chemistry and the only chemistry I do have under my belt is Intro to Chem I & II. I've purchased a condensed biochem 'short course' book and I have started reading through it but needless to say, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Part of the coursework for my first semester includes a biochemistry class and I am really worried that I won't be prepared.

Can anyone tell me what to focus on with regard to 'reviewing' Biochemistry?!? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!!