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Thread: Seeking admission after dismissal

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    Default Seeking admission after dismissal

    I’m reaching out here, because I need sincere advice. I am in a tough position, and I know there are many of you out there with helpful perspectives and valuable input.

    I was dismissed 15 months into a 28 month program for poor clinical performance. My didactic grades were excellent – 3.9, and A’s during the semester in which I was dismissed. I had been in clinical for 8 months before being told that I was not performing at the level where I should be. Up to that point, I was given passing evaluations, with areas to improve of course, and when I asked how I was doing over all, the answer was always “you’re learning, you are right where you should be.”

    And then in the 9th month I was given failing evaluations, placed on probation, told to create my own improvement plan (without experienced input from my director, although it was requested), told to submit a list of 5 or 6 CRNA’s to work with consistently in order to foster improvement ( I was then assigned to 32 different CRNA’s over the next 8 weeks). During the next 8 weeks, my evaluations reflected some improvement, and a CRNA even told me I was doing better than some seniors who were getting ready to graduate – she even chose me to work the case with her when she found out I was on-call one night, and had a senior re-assigned from a complex case.

    Unfortunately, although improved, my performance was still not consistently rock-solid, and I made some stupid mistakes – although mistakes that I know for a fact other students have made and not been written up for. I was given a failing evaluation, and dismissed from the program.

    My purpose in explaining all this is because I feel like if I was performing so poorly as to warrant being placed on probation, and later dismissed, why weren’t my deficiencies recognized earlier in my clinical performance? Of course I can look back and recognize now things that I could have done to improve, and many ways I could have spent extra time improving if I had known I was so weak, but it was not pointed out to me early on, and I feel like after 8 months, breaking patterns of poor performance, while trying to establish new ones, there wasn't time to turn it around without more focused help from faculty – which I definitely did not receive. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and now I see that my weaknesses were there all along, and had I been aware of them early on, addressed them, and established strong patterns of performance, I would have succeeded in the program.

    At this point, although devastated that I failed during such an important opportunity, I know now more than ever that I do have what it takes to be an excellent nurse anesthetist. I have learned so much about myself, and what learning strategies work for me clinically that I know if I was given another opportunity I would without a doubt succeed.

    So my question for all of you is about seeking admission into another program. I’ve heard it’s virtually impossible to be admitted after previous dismissal. Is this true? Do you know of people in similar situations that have been admitted? What advice do you have?

    Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, and feel free to PM me if you wish.
    Thank you so much in advance
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