Hi everyone!

Back again in the forum after finding a job within this tough job market. I am currently in a Med-Surg/Telemetry overflow unit and foresee myself transferring within the ICU within the next 4 months. Currently involved with the research committee within my hospital and Sigma Theta Tau. I will most likely take introductory physics, the GRE, and start volunteering soon. I have a couple of questions at this point:

1. When is the best time to start shadowing? One year before applying or as soon as possible? Does time factor into the length of time shadowing?

2. I don't want to offend my managers since I am heavily grateful that they hired me at the first place. Is there a better way to communicate with my manager that I want to transfer sooner? Since nursing anesthesia is full time and I most likely will not work while learning, is 2-3 years at my current hospital enough that their resources are well spent in training me.

3. Is ICU in any setting appropriate? My community hospital only has a <20 bed ICU. Other hospitals require 1 or 2 years of critical care experience before applying.

4. Is there any other activities I should pursue? I was looking into anesthesia tech, but I don't think it makes sense at this point because I have a RN license.

5. Since I recently got hired, are there any additional resources to fund my education (in preparation) and support my family while I am in school.

6. Are there ways that stood out to get into Kaiser's and USC's Nurse Anesthesia Program?

Thanks everyone in advance!