Hi everyone,

I'm one of the few new grads from my cohort to land a position as an RN - I'm happy about that... Not happy in an acute medical unit however. I want ICU/ER experience, maybe even flight RN experience if the opportunity opens up. I want to do all these things before applying to anesthesia programs. It feels like I'm wasting time in this unit... even worse, I fear that staying in this unit will begin to deteriorate my situational awareness and critical thinking - as it relates to critical care.

This brings us to my question. Every ICU / ER Staff Nurse position that I encounter requires at least 1 or 2 years of prerequisite ICU / ER experience. Is this a nationwide trend? What's the best way for me to break ground into ICU / ER? I think that many of you may suggest that I move to a location that is more open to acute to critical care transitions, however, I can't say that I'm particularly open to that idea.