I realize that this question is pretty out there, but I really would like a serious answer! I am in the process of applying to school, and I have been doing a lot of shadowing. Recently, when I was shadowing a CRNA, she confided in me that she was pregnant and having terrible morning sickness. She managed to make it through the day without any sick spells, and we talked a lot about nitrous oxide and pregnancy. However, there is one question that I was afraid to ask her for fear of offending her or looking incredibly stupid: what happens if you get sick in the OR?

I told you it was wacky question, but really, what is the appropriate response in that situation? If you are the anesthesia provider and you suddenly have to hurl during a surgery, what should you do? You can't just run out of the room and leave your patient, but you don't want to contaminate the sterile environment either…is it appropriate to grab a trash can and hope that there is someone around to relieve you? It's not that I'm terrified or unprepared to have that kind of responsibility, but I know that I am human and that our bodies fail us sometimes, and I want to be prepared to keep my patient safe. Thanks for any responses!