I recently learned that I failed the clinical portion of one of the nursing classes I was taking this semester, thereby giving me an "F" on my transcript for the class. Is there any sort of general knowledge regarding whether an individual still has a chance at someday getting accepted to a good CRNA school after having failed an undergraduate nursing course? Also, do you guys think it would be a better idea to try and continue on with the program I was enrolled in, or start over as a new nursing student in a different program?

The reason I ask the second question is because I am (was) enrolled in a local satellite program that is operated by a university with a main campus ~3 hours away. Normally, students who fail a course at the satellite program have the opportunity to just re-take the class during the following semester, but it was recently announced that this particular satellite program would be shutting down in a few semesters. According to the faculty, because they were unable to start several cohorts of new nursing students over the last year (they claimed that not enough "academically qualified" applicants applied), they just decided to shutter the whole operation here.

Unfortunately, this creates the debacle of not having a local satellite program at which to re-take the course I failed, so that means my only option for continuing on with this program is to re-take at the main campus located several hours away. What was so convenient about the program I was enrolled in was that the didactic portion of the program was entirely online (aside from we students being required to attend clinicals one day per week and visit the local satellite campus every so often to take tests), but the nursing program at the main campus doesn't utilize online coursework at all, so that would mean having to drive a total of ~6 hours/day to go back-and-forth 4-5 days/week. Additionally, I would be required to spend one-to-two nights per week in the city that the main campus is located in since nursing students are required to visit the hospital the evening before clinicals. I'm having a hard time seeing as to how this would be feasible since I also am employed locally, and I would likely have to quit my job to manage all the back-and-forth traveling.

There is one other option, however. Surprisingly enough, there is a (different) local nursing program that does not prohibit the enrollment of other programs' failures, and the "application GPA" that they calculate is based entirely off of the basic pre-reqs (I.e., A&P, English, psychology, etc.), so I would basically be applying to their program with a 4.0 GPA with supposedly no bias against me as a nursing program reject. Essentially, it would provide me with a "new lease on life" as a nursing student. The only downside is that the program does not grant transfer credit for nursing courses (none of the local programs do), so I would have to start from semester 1 as a new nursing student. Before failing the class I was enrolled in for my current program, I was almost 60% of the way done with my program.

Sorry for making this post so long. Basically, my question is this: would it look better to CRNA programs if I continued on with the program I'm in now by re-taking the class I failed (which may or may not be feasible to actually do), or would I be better off starting from square-one at a new program and carrying a 4.0 GPA throughout the duration of the program?

Thanks in advance for any advice that can be offered....