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    Default Too old to bother?

    I never thought that, at 35, I would be "too old" for anything. But i've found myself in a quandary over my future. I was a former pre-med student. I was a senior(80+ credits) with a major in cell/molecular biology, with a cumulative GPA of something around a 3.98-3.99. that was about 6 years ago. I got into an accident, which included a traumatic brain injury. I've been in some degree of rehabilitation ever since. I wanted to be an anesthesiologist ever since an operation I had in my mid teens.

    Now I'm at an impasse, rife with anxiety and doubt. MD/DO is out. I don't know what the hell to do. If i transfer to a nursing degree/program, it will take another year for my bachelors. I could just ride out my current bachelors, however, and go to AA school. This would save me a year of undergrad and 1-2years in acute care. Speaking of which, it seems like no one can even guarantee any kind of employment in such a field. You either get an acute care job or not, and there seems to be many nurses not only lacking acute care jobs but simply any job in general. That makes things especially scary for me. I'd also have to move to get into a BSN program. 2 years move away form friends/family--> 1-2 more in ICU(everyone I read says that 1 year of ICU isn't enough and you need TWO and you might spend a lot of time just trying to find any place to work)

    Sigh. I hope someone can help me, and not turn this into some sort of pissing contest between some professional degrees. I need help, advice, something. It's driving me nuts. Please put away your political and career allegiances for a moment and consider my situation. I really wanted to make CRNA work, but I have trouble seeing how it can for me. It seems so much easier and faster to get the AA degree. I also worry about the "softness" of the nursing degree. I don't have first hand experience(nor do I have a way of getting any without biting the bullet), but I'm a hard science guy. I'm a decent writer, but I don't know how I'd even do in a sort of "mushy" writing-eccentric world of what I have heard of nursing degrees. if there are a lot of "essay" exams where the entire job is to vomit back the biases of the professor, I'm even further disadvantaged because I would have trouble with that.

    Sadly, I'be begun more and more to think of just picking up a local factory job and saying piss on everything. I'd never be happy and live an existence full of regret, but that's been my life story up to this point so why not let the show go on. And sorry if I meander but: why CRNA at this point in my life. Am I missing something?
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