I'm a bit embarrassed about my scores but I'll post them anyway.
Q: 149
v: 155
AWA: 3.0 ((WHAT!!)
yes, together they are over 300 which is required for some schools. Some schools require over 300, some require 150 and 150. Super, some of the schools I have in mind don't even require the GRE...however...I don't want any doors closed on options. Does this AWA score equate to imbecile? I don't think I am but nobody really speaks of this score too much so I'm unsure if I should retake the GRE. The 149 is driving me crazy! My goal was 150 and 150. On all the practice tests I got 154-156 but no, on the real thing, I had to get a 149! Grumble!

Anyhoo, originally, I was going to retake them to get that quant score above 150 then I said the heck with it. But last night I got this AWA score and I thought, man, this looks hideous ....or does it? I honestly don't know. I'm currently in school full time days (science degree) and work part time nights. I'm busier than a one armed paper hanger. I am living on the bare minimum and was hoping for my next break to get some hours in at work but now, I'm wondering if I should re-study like a maniac and shell out $200 more buck I don't have etc etc. I will do it for sure if it is suggested but I tend to be overly critical of myself and again, not too sure what the AWA score reflects or if it matters. Ill retake them with a smile but if its superfluous to retake them, then why would I drain myself of much needed energy...thanks all
P.S. when studying, I didn't spend time on this part because how the heck do you study for it? I did the standard 5 paragraph thing but I felt rushed and I was having a hard time settling into the test (this was the first part to do on the test). I was reading and re reading and not even remembering what I wrote and was crazy preoccupied that I was actually taking the test! Then after this part, I settled in just fine. I think I'd do better on the next round but again, is it worth it?