Hey All,

I recently was pimped by a CRNA, which i actually like as most of the questions are basic stuff that i need to know. But the frustrating thing is that this CRNA did not tell me if my answers were correct or not Here are some of the questions i remember:

1. Who regulates amount of exposed gases in OR setting?
2. If you increase RR from 10 to 12 with TV of 700, what is your percentage increase?
3. Late sign of MH

4. What drug is closest to phenylephrine
5. What’s the most prominent cause of hypotension in OB patients?
6. Patient on warfarin, what will oppose their levels the quickest?

She asked me like 10-15 questions in total!!! She's a recent graduate (in the past 1 year) and is very sharp with her book skills.

I have my answers but would like to compare with others because i know everyone thinks differently.