42yr old male presents for emergent Lap Appendectomy and you get this great history from previous records.

Has a history of previous pulseless arrest a year ago. Recovery occurred after basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation, before the arrival of the paramedic ambulance crew. A further episode of monitored VFib in the ambulance required a single 200 J cardioversion. He had no history of angina or previous syncope and there was no family history of sudden death. At the hospital the patient had a 12‐lead ECG showing a partial right bundle branch block with a ‘coved’ pattern of ST elevation in leads V1 to V3 with no elevation in cardiac enzymes.

I'd like to first talk about the patient's history and see if someone can come up with a diagnosis from the data I gave. Like to see Students work this out with differentials and lets just start a discussion and then we can move into treatment and anesthetic management of the case.