To all the experienced CRNAs, in your many years should an icu nurse really have before applying to CRNA school??? I totally understand that schools require only 1 or 2 years under the applicants belt, however I really want to know the opinions of the CRNAs out there working the field. I'm an ICU nurse with only one year under my belt, and I'm about to take my CCRN license. However, majority of my coworkers in the unit always convey distaste of working in the icu. They keep projecting that they never really wanted to work in the icu, and they are just trying to get out of the icu as fast as they can so they can meet the 1 or 2 year requirement for CRNA admissions. It always looks like a race across all the icu units either applying to CRNA school or Nurse Prac school. And when one gets in, they always broadcast the news to everyone by saying "i'm outta of this place!". As for me, I really enjoy working in the ICU, and its still addicting to come to work everyday trying to learn as much as I can. I always shadow my family friend that is a CRNA, and she always instills into me to take my time in the icu to gain years under my belt learning the strong foundations of critical care before even attempting to apply to CRNA school. I"m curious what all the experienced CRNAs would like to say about this? I'm taking it slow as much as I can trying to acquire as much quality skills in the ICU. Thanks everyone for the input.