I have been a nurse for 10 years. The first seven years was in an ortho/neuro/surgical unit and the last 3 years have been in ICU. I had planned to go back to get my NP degree but have decided that becoming a CRNA is my dream after transferring to ICU. I just want other opinions as to whether I stand a chance at getting a seat and/or advice that might further help me at reaching my goal. My GPA for my ADN was 3.18. My GPA for my BSN was 4.0. I have since then retaken A & P I in order to update that area of courses with an A. I also retook General Chemistry I with a B, as well as a graduate nursing statistics course with an A. I will be taking organic chemistry this fall (program requirement) and plan to take my CCRN and GRE after that. I have saved a very large sum of money to pay for my life while in school as well. Do I stand a chance?