I just finished a year in the icu fresh out of school, and a newly hired icu student came up to me the other day depressed and unmotivated because of the other nurses were tearing her apart. So, I encouraged her to just forget all the negatives and always think positive. I told from what I observed that there are too many crabs in this world that will always try to pull anyone down or step on them. I shared some of my stories where I was constantly cursed out and sometimes stuff being thrown at me from the lazy nurses. What puzzles me management sometimes tolerates it because these nurses are so rooted in system because of politics that they don't get in trouble. I even remembered some nurses would always state "why are you always happy when you come to this place?" Despite, the crazy negatives, it's still addicting to come to work to learn! I was just wondering, is it usually nurses in healthcare that often show this "eat their young" mentality? Do CRNAs do that to each other? Or, do physicians do that to each other??