This is my first post on here and I have been reading through all of the others extensively and seen similar cases. I went to college my first time and drank and partied basically 7 nights a week, never studied, just got by because I was able to. Unfortunately, all I did was get by. I graduated with a BS in Psych and a 2.85 GPA, with a 2.7 Science GPA. Took a few years off, was a raft guide in North Carolina and figured myself out.

Fast forward, I got into an ADN program, graduated, started in an ER about 20 months ago and am transferring into a Neuro-ICU in September. Did a BSN bridge program in which I will graduate on August 2nd. BSN GPA: 4.0. Nursing/Last 60 hours GPA: 3.79. My overall GPA is over the 3.0 for admission, but I am worried my science GPA from younger and dumber days will hurt me. GRE 1200/5.5 I am comfortable with.

My questions is, should I retake the science courses I got C's in? It wasn't an intelligence thing, it was an I never went to class thing. I was thinking about applying to a couple of school's in Florida in which I have emailed the director's and been told I would be considered for interviews with the ED experience at my hospital, but I want ICU experience in case I need to reapply next year after retaking any classes.

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!