I know many CRNAs on this site routinely encourage paying off as much debt as possible before starting school and I absolutely agree with them. However, I wonder if there is a point where it makes just as much sense to get started so one can move on to a higher paying career?

For example, lets say you have a RN makjng $50k/yr and has $50k in student loan, car and credit card debt. Said RN can pay off half that debt in 3 years (leaving just student loan debt) save enough to cover living expenses while in NA school, but will need to take out an additional $75k in loans for tuition and school associated expenses. Upon graduation, total of $100k in old and new student loan debt. Would this RN be better off waiting and additional 2-3 years to pay off all debt and only come out with $75k in debt or start school sooner to get into career making *hopefully* double of current income?

Would love to hear thoughts and opinions on this. Also, this post is purposely only taking into consideration the financial side of this career. I fully understand that there is so much more to preparing to become a anesthetist than school cost and earning potential. Just thought this might be an interesting discussion that the pre-srna crowd could learn from since many aspiring CRNAs alreadg come to the table with some amount of debt.