Being young, mobile, and in a position to be a strong applicant to most any CRNA school around this time next year, I am starting to seriously search the CRNA programs that best interest me throughout the country.

As many in my position have tried, I started with Google searches such as "Best CRNA schools in US". This yielded little more than the US News and World Report's list, which we all know isn't judged by much relevant criteria. Then I turned to the forums. I found similar questions in forum land, but this posed a lack of results as well. It turns out, asking CRNAs what the best CRNA school in the US is isn't very profitable, since most CRNAs have only ever attended one school, and therefore have nothing to compare it to.

So my question is this: How do you feel the school you attended did at preparing you to be an autonomous provider (i.e. lines, blocks, pain mng etc.)? Basically, what school did you attend and would you recommend it for those who desire independent practice?

I can find data like cost, attrition rates, length, degree type etc. online. It's much harder to find this type of information. I think there are a lot of people looking for this as well. I want to attend the right school, not just the one closest to me or that is easy to get into. The information from your experience is valuable, and I thank you for reading this and responding relevantly.