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Thread: Aortic stenosis and ambulatory surgery center

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    Default Aortic stenosis and ambulatory surgery center

    i'm looking to see what others are doing (re: cancelling/going forward with case) with respect to aortic stenosis, and what their cut-off at an ASC might be.

    let me preface by saying that the entire clinical picture must be taken into consideration, and that an arbitrary number, alone, is not an ideal marker.

    that being said, these were the two most recent cases in question:

    54 y.o. male with AS of 0.6, presents for bilateral frontalis sling under general anesthesia. no other pertinent medical history. METS unknown.

    82 y.o. male with AS of 0.84, two years ago, with history of interventricular conduction delay. presents for inguinal hernia repair (surgeon books MAC, but usually requires room air general). no other pertinent medical history. METS unknown.

    thanks for any input-
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