I have not been accepted into school yet. I am trying to visualize what school is going to be like. My understanding is that CRNAs are a tight group bound by the intensity and responsibility of providing complex care, and the extensive clinical and educational foundation acquired through school. All the programs I am applying for this year are front loaded programs, with the bulk of didactic work completed during the first 8-12 months, with an increasing percentage of time spent in the clinical area toward the end of that first year through the end of the program. I am visualizing spending a lot of time with my classmates, with all classes taken as a group, and we have similar assignments. We develop our understanding and critical thinking through discussion and study. Is this typical or do I have no idea what I am thinking/talking about? Let me just add that I understand there is going to be a HUGE amount of time invested in individual study to master the theory and concepts presented.