Hello Everyone,
So I have been invited to go to the annual AANA conference this August in Las Vegas with two colleagues (one a practicing CRNA and the other a SRNA)!!! I contacted my school and I won't get my student AANA number until September. Therefore, I will be going as a non-member RN. After reviewing the flyer it seems that there is a preconvention workshop regarding difficult airways that includes a 4-hour lecture and a 2-hour workshop for just under $500 in addition to the conference fee. I really want to attend but it seems that school would teach me this and the workshops would be more tailored to practicing CRNAs and current SRNAs. However, if I'm allowed to attend, then should I go for it and is it worth it? Which of the concurrent sessions should a newb like me sign up for? What of the walk and the banquet? I have never been to a professional conference like this before nor have I ever been to Las Vegas so besides the conference what awesome sights and night scenes should I check out that are affordable on a limited budget? Super-excited does not begin to adequately describe attending this conference for me and I will be submitting my registration very soon.