I was in OB today. Something happened to me that has not happened in my two years as a CRNA. Here is the case:

32 y/o G7P6
5'2" 200 lbs
First 5 pregnancies SVD
Pregnancy number 6 ruptured at home and STAT C section under GETA
PMH: Anxiety, GERD, Hypothyroid
Never had a spinal before

In OR:
I feel iliac crest but cannot feel any spinal processes
I make a guess at where L4-5 is
Midline easy to appreciate
SQ lido and use it as a seeker but cannot hit bone with it
Introducer and Pencan 25 G sprotte 1 poke straight in w/o paresthesia/heme
+clear CSF
Attach syringe with 10.5 mg bupivacaine 0.75 % dextrose plus 0.2 mg duramorph
Attempt to aspirate and not getting a good aspirate
Go a tad deeper with needle and, again, CSF flowing well
Unable to aspirate with syringe
Go deeper still and CSF flowing nicely
Attach syringe and am now able to easily aspirate 0.5 cc CSF
Injects easily

Lay pt down
Feels the foley going in, feels the prep solution
Lifts legs straight off the table
Absolutely no block anywhere

GETA performed
Case proceeds without issue, pt wakes up w/o block

WTF just happened???

The anesthesiologist who also does Chronic Pain who was supervising said I may have been off midline and hit a fluid filled cyst near the facet joint. But he also said you would usually get a paresthesia with getting near a facet like that...

That seems a little far fetched to me, but I'm open to ANY explanation..

Fire away

Oh yeah, the SAB tray was NOT expired nor was the local