So, I know there are a lot of posts about paying for anesthesia school and the advice seems pretty standard... save as much as possible, pay off debt, etc.. makes sense. That said, I have to wonder... as much as this is the ideal situation, I imagine it's not the norm. I don't think I am alone in that I have been accepted and start this fall with scant cushion in the pennies department and looking at the reality of the bottom line, pucker factor is high! The reality is I am signing up for a 6 figure loan, adding on to maybe 30K from previous degrees (low interest loans). I have the usual car payment, insurance, etc... but no family (or second income), no house, no fancy toys other tna some fancy bicycles and an addiction to racing said bikes. I am pretty used to living modestly and I could care less about new cars, big houses, etc. (meaning I am cool with a modest lifestyle and used to it) So, I guess I understand what the IDEAL situation would be, going into school debt free with 200K in the bank, but given this is NOT my situation... I gotta ask how the seasoned among us have gotten along the few years after graduation? Honestly, I didn't think I would get into school this time around but I DID. Turning down acceptance in order to bank a few more bucks and ultimately need to retake science courses to meet requirements and still risk not being accepted seems crazy to me. So... I pose the question to those who have walked the walk... is this really doable?