78 year old guy crashing to the OR from the helipad with dissecting/ruptured AAA. Lots of help around. 2 PIV's... saline on one, packed cells from the referring facility finishing on the other. Awake, not intubated but looking awful, the patient is transferred to the table and prepared for a prepped and draped induction. Neck line goes in easily, A-line is tough but goes in with u/s. POCT abg is awful as expected with a hct of 18. The guy is obviously in extremis. Induction goes as these things go and the case begins with aggressive management. A bunch of labs are sent from the a-line and 20 mins later the call comes asking for a new set of labs as the ones they have are all hemolyzed. Send another set from the a-line. Another 20 mins go by...hemolyzed. Thoughts?