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    Default Chemistry Pre-Req's

    I am new to the forum, I have found so many helpful posts. I am a wanna be. I am finishing by BSN in 2 days, I am taking the GRE in 3 weeks and the CCRN in 4 weeks. I have been an RN for 12 years. I have 2 years in a PICU and 3 years in a SICU. The remaining 7 years were in PACU, with the last five years being in ICU's. Enough about me, my question is in regard to the chemistry pre-req's that many schools have.

    I am wondering which Organic Chemistry would best meet the requirements of CRNA school. Fundamental Organic Chem or General Organic Chem. These course descriptions are from Glendale Community College in Arizona. The reason for my question is that, if Fundamental Organic Chemistry is sufficient, I will have time to complete Fundamental Bio-Chemistry prior to starting a CRNA program in the fall of 2014. In order to get in to General Organic Chem I need to take one more semester of General Chemistry II which would not allow me to take Bio-Chem. I have taken Inorganic Chem and General Chem I. Also, I have asked several schools and have only heard back from 2 of them. I have called and emailed.

    Any thoughts?

    Fundamental Organic Chemistry:
    Chemistry of representative groups of organic compounds, emphasizing biological applications. Course Note: Course content designed to meet the needs of students in agriculture, home economics, nursing, pre physician assistant, and physical education among others.

    Prerequisites: (CHM130 and CHM130LL), or (CHM150 or CHM151 and CHM151LL).
    Completion of (CHM130 and CHM130LL) or (CHM150 or CHM151 and CHM151LL) within the last two years recommended.

    General Organic Chem
    Rigorous introduction to chemistry of carbon-containing compounds. Reaction mechanisms and recent methods of synthesis emphasized. Prerequisites: CHM152 and CHM152LL, or CHM154 and CHM154LL. Completion of (CHM152 and CHM152LL) or (CHM154 and CHM154LL) within the last two years recommended.
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