So with just one semester left in my ADN ( graduating in december) i've already got my rn-bsn lined up. It starts in june '14. I was thinking about taking a couple of different routes during that january-june 6 month spread.

1. retake chemistry ( previously made a B and the only class keeping me from a 4.0 science GPA)
2. start preparing for the GRE

All this while HARASSING ICU's to let in a new ADN grad

from people who have oriented straight out of school into new ICU's, is it possible to do anything else during those crucial first 3-6 months? Would you recommend I focus only on increasing my knowledge in critical care when i'm not at work?

Theoretically, I'd like to start in an ICU end of december/jan 1. Prepare for the gre for the next 6 months ( my cGPA will only be around a 3.1 AFTER my i really need to smoke this test) and take the GRE right before I start my bridge. This will allow me to finish my bridge in june '15 and IMMEDIATELY apply for schools to matriculate into the 2016 spring/summer/fall...whichever semester the particular school starts.

How farfetched do ya'll think this is?

What would you suggest, based off experience?