I'm sure much of this will become more clear for me once I start school. Here are some questions I have now...
1. When you graduated, did you get hired by an anesthesia group, hospital, or private company?
2. What areas can CRNAs work or specialize? general OR, CV, OB, peds etc? Is there any extra training available after school? Pros/cons of each?
3. What is an area that I can expect to get a quality experience? (read many stories about restrictive or low opportunity environments in certain areas/places)
4. What can I do after I graduate to make myself a better candidate for employers?

Right now my interests are plastic surgery (Not cosmetic) and CV. I would like to also volunteer for Operation Smile. I have only had adult ICU experience and shadowed CRNAs in general ORs. Any information, pros/cons, advice is appreciated.