So, I start school in September and am looking for advice on reading (books, websites, etc...) materials/topics I could brush up on before starting. I'm about half way through "The ICU Book" by Marino and poke through Dubin's EKG text when there's time at work but I'm wondering what some of the SRNA's and CRNA's suggest? I have a Netter anatomy book but I don't know how much sense it makes to be spening time on that without an actual syllabus. I have a great medical physiology book that I flip open once in a while. I have a good pharmacology book that dives pretty deep into MOA of drugs, receptor interactions, etc. I dunno... It's all interesting to me but I figured you guys might have some good recommendations as to where time might be best spent before starting. Or maybe I should just pick up more OT and bank some cash?! lol. Thanks!