Greetings everyone!

Recently I just graduated from a BSN program and got a GPA of 3.623, got into Sigma Theta Tau, and applying for any New Grad ICU position I could find. I recently got a ACLS certification and will get my PALS next week. I have a few questions:

1. Is my GPA sufficient enough? I took some science courses on O.Chem, Biochem, and Biology already while at undergrad so, do I still need to take physics?
2. I heard from my preceptor from my last quarter in the program that Nurse Anesthesia Admissions take into account if you are married. Is this true?
3. Realistically I am most likely going to apply for Graduate programs while at 1.5 years of experience going to 2 years due to the contract of the facilities. What really sets the difference between an applicant that gets accepted with 2 years experience and applicants that get accepted with only 1 year experience or 3 years or more? Is it okay to apply with one year of experience?
4. What should I pursue once I start working other than joining committees and getting CCRN? What professional organizations do you recommend?
5. I am most likely going to be paid at RN Resident salary for my first two years. How did you guys begin managing finances in preparation for grad school? Ruling out scholarships.
6. What other activities should I do that I did not mention?

Its quite a lot of questions and I might have more in the future.

Thanks everyone!