I previously earned a B.S. in Biology and am currently enrolled in the first semester of a local ADN program. I have a 3.65 from my Biology degree (plus a few courses I took after earning the degree -- not sure if those would count) and I started out hoping to earn a 4.0 GPA in these first-semester nursing classes, but it is evident that's not going to happen. So far, I haven't been able to score above an 86 on any of my tests. I study extensively for each test and go into each test feeling confident that I "know" everything I'll need to know, and then it seems like half the questions are based off of completely different material than that in the textbook/Powerpoint files. So many of the questions are situational, and when I choose an answer that I'm absolutely sure is correct and it turns out to be wrong, I'll read the rationale explaining why the correct answer is what it is and think, "Wow, there's no WAY it would've occurred to me to think like that." My tests are only 30 questions long, so even if there are only a few that throw me off, that's all it takes to sink my grade to a B.

Also, my program does not award +/- grades, so even if my average in the class turns out to be an 89.9, the grade will be factored into my transcript as a 3.0. Since many of these classes are worth 5-8 credits, I know that if I make even just a few B's, it will heavily weight my GPA towards a 3.0.

So this is my question... when it comes time to apply to CRNA programs, will they take my biology degree grades into consideration? If so, that will at least partially balance out my nursing GPA (IF I do end up with a 3.0 -- maybe the other classes will be better... ?). Also, is there any such thing as a "post-bacc" program for nurses who need to raise their GPA in order to be more competitive for graduate school admissions?