89 yo female from assisted living.
Fell while walking to the lunch area and sustained intertrochanteric right hip fracture.
During workup also found to have acute SDH...supratentorial.

PMH: Mild dementia, HTN, DM2, CAD.

Meds: atenolol, buspar, hctz, aricept, metformin, vitamins, asa

All: Sulfa

EKG, SR with RBBB. CXR negative. Labs unremarkable.

Patient being seen by hospitalist for medical issues. H&P note says neuro exam at baseline.

Patient was admitted yesterday. You are called by orthopod as a "heads up" that he wants to do TFN tomorrow, possible hemi. Patient would be 48 hours post fall.

This is a small community hospital.

Punt or do the case?