So, you just put a a sheet of Julia Childs' Talmouses au fromage (four cornered cheese puff pastries) into the oven when the phone rings--"We need you for a roll-over trauma red eta 10-15 minutes". You turn the oven off, remove said pastries, throw the dogs out (they hate this because its snowing outside and windy), get to the ER and are told "19 yo female, restrained, driver's side back seat of full size pick-up that rolled 4 times, unconscious at scene, but now awake, c/o L arm pain, sternal and left sided chest pain, L shoulder pain. Driver walked away, third passenger, unrestrained is DRT (dead right there) with the pickup parked on it's side on top of his torso. Pt is "stable, AAOx3" according to paramedic on scene.

Students -- what do you get ready at this point? (By the way, you are in a 25 bed CAH with no ICU.)