Okay y'all,

My advice on dealing with the sharks.

1) Always repeat the question back to your instructor, "So your question is...................is that right?"........this makes the shark feel apprehensive as they now know that they have been spotted.
2) Always phrase your question "According to [barasch, miller, or stoelting] ........" This tells the shark that there is another big fish in the water and results in a quick retreat.
3) If you don't know say it quickly but then offer "but I would surmise that....." This tells the shark that there is a thinking beast in the water who is able to fight back.
4) If you know the topic well, DON'T STOP TALKING until your told to stop! This sound makes the shark's head hurt and delays any further attacks
5) Actually say to your instructor, "So what questions ya got for me today?" .........By doing so you will harshly punch the shark in the nose thereby stunning him/her allowing for calm waters throughout the day.