Hello everyone I'm new to the site. I'm considering the CRNA route and wanted some advice. Here we go!

I was a non-science major and had a 3.45 undergrad GPA, I decided I wanted to pursue medicine and took pre-requisite courses and did really well. I had a 3.8 GPA with big classes under my belt like Organic Chem and Biochem. I got accepted and am attending an Optometry program but the work load is kicking my butt and GPA. By the end of this year I'll be sitting at a 2.0 doctoral GPA. (While this is extremely low, our school loads us with 22 credits and bullsh*t exams, the average student is sitting at high C's to low B's so I'm not terribly off average.) I have a lot of RN and MD friends that are advising me to join their professions and I am really interested in CRNA and I did quite an extensive amount of research on this field. Additionally, I don't believe that my 2.0 doctoral GPA is a real reflection of my ability. I currently have no nursing classes or experience under my belt, but I can easily go back and start a AAS nursing program and complete a BSN in a few years.

Here are my concerns:
1. I noticed there is no central system for CRNA programs and schools like Columbia don't mention any graduate work as a requirement for transcript submissions. Do I have to report my doctoral GPA to them? Would it be a violation of any policies if I didn't? For our Optometry applicants it was a requirement to send in ALL transcripts. I don't want to do anything illegal or unethical but I do want to know what my options are. I'm also assuming that when I go back for the BSN degree my GPA will still remain high and I dont want to ruin my CRNA chances with a low doctoral GPA. I know that the nursing program that I'm thinking of attending is less strenuous and I expect to keep a high GPA in that institution and keep a high Nursing classes GPA as well.
2. Am I obligated to mention the fact that I was in an Optometry program? By the time I would apply I'd already have a BSN and some nursing experience and I see no merit in mentioning this. I feel like it would only bring me down.
3. How do you obtain ICU experience as a newbie nurse? I keep seeing job postings that expect a year or more or experience and yet no entry level jobs. This is a big concern for me because I would only want to do nursing if I could get into a CRNA role.
4. Does your GPA matter in CRNA school? If you graduate with a 2.0 or 3.0 does that affect your chances of finding a job?

I know this is a really long post but thanks for the help!