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Like I said earlier, I would love to find a recipe for a single shot FNB for a TKA that motor block would wear off < 24 hours but get good analgesia for at least 24 hours. I'm not sure if that is possible.

Where I used to work we would give 0.5 marcaine with 10 dex as a single shot FNB. Pretty routine to get a 48 hour block with that combo. At my current gig they want the patient activating the quad early on POD 1. Straight marcaine or naropin leaves the them in agony at 2 am when the block wears off. The nurses and PT are afraid of catheters (weak quad) and I'm not sure I want the headache.

Anyhow, just wondering what others are doing.
Wonder how a narcotic + epi + decadron +- very dilute local like .05% ropiv would do.