Hi Juan-

I'd like to follow up a little more on this question. I'm actually looking into Colorado. I have friends in a pediatric dental practice that would like me to be able to form a group to provide in office anesthesia for their patients.

It seems that under the Colorado board of nursing, the administration of anesthesia by CRNAs is a nursing function and does not require supervision. However, I do not understand the partial opt-out. Am I allowed to practice anesthesia independently in metropolitan and rural areas? Is the opt out only really related to part A in rural areas? If Colorado allows me to practice independently, does the dentist need to have certifications to do anesthesia (different levels of sedation) himself?

I certainly understand that we will have to abide by the Board of Medicine office based surgery and anesthesia practices and the dental board in-office anesthesia policies, but am I able to do the anesthesia independently?


- Sarah