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Please forgive me if this is not in the correct forum, I'm a newb. I was doing dental restorations today when the dentist and I started discussing the possibility of having a CRNA perform sedation and/or GA in dental offices. Well, I don't know if this is possible in Texas which is where I practice. My questions are: Is it possible for an independent CRNA to administer an anesthetic in a properly outfitted dental office and if so is it the dentist that is allowed to give the order for anesthesia per CRNA? If it IS possible, I would be very interested in acquiring any information on how this can be accomplished and what steps are needed to achieve this. Thanks in advance. I've tried googling this stuff but it seems my Google powers are lacking.
Howdy. This is good for folks to know across the country not just Texas. The Dental Boards have some specific regulations regarding the services provided by Dentists. Dentists must meet certain criteria in order to administer anxiolysis, moderate sedation or general anesthesia. These educational requirements for Dentists are established by THEIR boards. The national association for dentists reflects the same criteria. Dentists must typically hold a certificate permitting them to administer the various levels of sedation - which they subdivide into the three levels I've identified.

In Texas, in order for a Dentist to delegate the ordering of drugs of devices necessary for the CRNA to carry out the administration of anesthesia, the dentist must hold the appropriate certificate/permit. IF the dentist does hold a certificate then one can administer anesthesia in whatever setting you like. iF the setting is an office setting then the criteria for Office Base Anesthesia services established by the Texas Board of Nursing must be met.

In short, if the dentist has the permit, you can provide the anesthesia. Be sure the facility in which you provide the service meets the appropriate criteria.

Good luck!!