Looking for advice from those who have gone through school.... looking back, what do you wish you would have done to prepare yourself more, knowing what you know now?

I was accepted into the only program I applied to and will be starting May 2013! I worked in a cardiac care unit for 4 years and now have been in the PACU for 1.5 years. I feel like I have lost a lot of my critical care skills... I am hoping they come back quickly... I have a husband and two young kids (4, 2) The school is in the same town I live in and our extended family is in here. We have tried to save as much money as we can to prepare ourselves.

I'm looking for not only what I should be doing academically to prepare myself more but also what I should do on the home front to prepare. I am all about planning ahead and trying to be as prepared as possible so it goes as best as it can.