Hi all

Graduated from CUNY school with major in Biochemistry, minor in Music, cGPA 3.55
Took six years to finish all that but I started at 17

Kind of a B+/A- student.
Some misssteps and retakes of lower-level courses.
Upper level sciences were mostly A's
Biochem/Pchem I got B+s in
B- in orgo II

1.5 years of biochem research as an undergrad, no papers
Worked 10 hours a week since I started school

Currently enrolled in an accelerated BSN but with a horrible GPA (3.4)
For patho and pharm I got B+s, but plan to retake at the graduate level.

I know about the general path I should take (networking within hospitals to try to land an ICU gig, then getting some heavy ICU experience etc).

I was wondering if I was competitive, not competitive, etc?
Would doing basic science research at my current school (which also has a medical school) help my resume?
Would doing volunteer work outside of nursing help me?

Any criticisms of my stats and advice on how I can improve myself?