Students, it's Friday at 4 pm and you get to do one last add on in GI lab. It's a 76 yo male who resides in assisting living, hx COPD, CAD with CABG 2006, stroke x2 last in 2008 with left side weakness, obese 115 kg, no DM, thyroid or renal probs. CBC, BMP wnl. Pt has 5cm infrarenal AAA. Transferred a few hours ago from another hospital post ercp. Pt is yellow, GI MD declares case emergency. Physical assessment reveals no murmurs, pt wheezes but reports breathing is "normal." RR 28. Records that come with pt are the d/c summary with the above information and alot of lab results.

Thoughts and plans please . . . (and I know there are going to be alot of posts wanting old cardiac scans and records, but there are zero so as nice as that would be, you don't and can't get access to these.)