2 pathways
1: finish RN to BSN program which includes me retaking my ap n micro class. Adn 2.9 BSN 3.7 so far. CCRN and GRE in a few months. Take an extra semester post grad to retake the two classes plus a grad stars course. This would also entail retaking a college algebra course to take a basic physics course for a few programs an might help with my GRE. Apply next year to grad school to start 2015.

Option 2: re arrange the school schedule and take my two Science courses this year. i wouldnt take the algebra or physics course. CCRN,GRE still this year. Apply with my BSN in progress this year to start 2014??? FYI I'm emailed a few programs to verify I can apply with this in progress.

Thoughts? Should I just chill out and take the extra year to be a better applicant and stronger student?