Dear CRNA community,

My first post here, but I have a serious question to ask about admission chances into CRNA programs - and the career choices I should consider:

I am a 24 year old male currently in a PhD program for Biochemistry/Chemistry. I am only in my second semester, but am having a moment of strong clarity about joining the program and my career goals. I originally planned to go to a ABSN program right after I finished my chemistry degree, but then had a daughter so money was tight and working to make money became a paramount decision for my family life. I then got accepted into a PhD program on a fellowship (path of least resistance for me [not happiness].

However, I cannot stop thinking about living my dream. Why do I not finish my PhD you might ask? Well: The Job prospects for PhD in heavy sciences is deplorable, and honestly I do not like lab work, nor am I interested in working within academia.

Here is my conundrum. I have my pre-reqs for nursing school - but I also have a considerable amount of Student Loan Debt from undergraduate (around 35K). I am unable to take out more loans for a second bachelors degree as the cut off is 40K - also, while my wife is a nurse, my family is still pretty reliable on my income (measly 25K/yr) to make ends meet.

I have a 3.7GPA in undergraduate Chemistry and a 1260 GRE score - do I need to get myself into more debt and get a BSN or can I go the ADN route and have a decent shot at some CRNA programs with the BS in chemistry?
There is an accelerated ADN program in my county which is only 12 months long, and would only cost me around 6000$ - I could also probably work during the time as well. The ABSN program costs ALOT more (I believe close 20+). Should I bite the bullet, and do the BSN, or stick with financial security and do the ADN?

Thank you for any input, anything helps in my decision making process