I am doing our group's journal club this month on Residual Neuromuscular Blockade (luckily had that insert from December AANA Journal)

When single twitch height (a single stimulus compared to a pre-induction control) is recovered to 100%, then the TOF ratio (height of the 4th twitch to that of the first) is ~70% which means that 70% is blocked, 30% recovered.

So, I would suppose from that, at a 70% blockage we would have 0.3 recovery ratio...but I can't find any information yet supporting the ratio concept. I think this is showing that that ratio correlates to actual recovery, and % blocked is just that.

Therefore, at a TOF ratio of 0.9 to be considered an adequate reversal, we are saying 90% recovered, 10% blocked.
When you have a TOF of 2/4, you can have 90% blockade...does this equal a recovery ratio of 0.1?

Thanks in advance for your help. It's probably easier than I am thinking it is.