Hello everybody,

I am in the process of writing my application essay for CRNA school, however, I have some questions about how it should be constructed. I've been constantly revising and rewriting my essay because I'm worried about not being able to fit in everything in just 500 words. The school I'm applying to (TCU School of Nurse Anesthesia/Harris College of Nurse Anesthesia) has given me a rough outline of what they want in the essay but it's not a sufficient guide in how I should write the letter. Here's what they're recommending:

specific personal, academic, and/or professional strengths or accomplishments and how these qualify you as a strong candidate for the TCU-DNP-A program.
(2) your interest in anesthesia and how the program will help you achieve your goals.

I've been reading sample essays from other forums on the web and I've noticed that most of the applicants start their essay off with something like "I knew I wanted to be a CRNA when..." or "I have always been a very driven individual... (additional listing of personal traits that make them a good candidate)." I would REALLY appreciate any helpful feedback or tips from any of you (LUCKY) SRNAs and CRNAs.

Keep passing that gas!

- Colby